SO! Smart

“Connect your smartphone with your Pergola SO! via Bluetooth and adjusts the position of the slats in the blink of an eye.”

SO! Cosy

Ideal for those who want to have everything under control: determine the opening position of the slats yourself. With the slider you can determine the desired position (between 0º and 145º) by sliding the position of the slats from left to right.

SO! Chic

For those who want to fully enjoy life in the open air, we have the ideal solution. Set the drive to automatic and choose the intensity of shade or sun on your terrace. Depending on your geolocation, the slats will move spontaneously and will automatically adjust to the trajectory of the sun.

SO! Star

Do you want to enjoy your terrace all year round? Thanks to the patented and intelligent motor drive, you choose the climate on the terrace yourself. Through the solar and temperature sensors, the desired amount of sun rays enters the terrace and the Pergola SO!. The slats always adapt automatically so you can completely stop worrying.

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