SO! Connected

With the SO! Connected™ app, you take care of the ambience. Thanks to the patented, intelligent drive of the aluminium slats, the app calculates their correct position. With every change in the incoming light, the slats move automatically to ensure the perfect atmosphere on your terrace.

“Connect your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet and relax.”

Do you prefer a remote control? You can order that too.

Natural bioclimate. The wind will circulate between the slats and create a natural breeze.

Sunny day. The slats adapt to the path of the sun for an optimal proportion between sun and shade.

Your favorite music always within reach. Connect your playlist via Bluetooth and enjoy.

Sunny day with a lot of wind. Control the windproof screens with your app to keep the breeze out.

Day with unstable weather. The pergola closes when it starts to rain. The slats open again when the sun returns.

Night mode. Starry sky and led lighting that can be turned on/off or set as warm or cold light.

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