SO! Refreshing

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to control the weather, or to have the feeling of living in a microclimate in your own home and garden? The SO! Pergola adapts to any weather conditions thanks to its adjustable slats and discreetly incorporated screens.

So on warm summer days you will feel as if you were on a sunny beach with a pleasant sea breeze. And in winter, with the integrated heating of your terrace you will feel as if you were warm in your living room.

In the city or in the countryside, our pergolas guarantee comfort wherever you are.

“Your home.
All year round.”

The louvres create a natural bioclimate as the wind can circulate freely between them.

Automatically adjusts the slats to the right position using the pre-programmed scenarios in the app.

The slats close automatically when it rains or snows. Waterproof.

Automatic shading as the slats follow the path of the sun (the intensity of the shade depends on the chosen scenario).

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